Tides Travel Cup

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Tides Travel Cup

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Tides travel cup, made from a smooth warm-toned stoneware clay and finished in our favourite salt white glaze.

BPA-free cream lid fits into the internal wall of cup.

Approximately 300ml capacity

All pieces are hand-thrown on a potters wheel and fired in studio at Kami & Kindred - The studio is now 100% solar.

All parts are dishwasher safe. Hand-wash recommended for a longer life.

Kami & Kindred is all about natural beauty and embracing a softer, slower way of life. A carefully crafted collection of hand-made, ceramic jewellery and homewares of both beauty and function for everyday essential rituals.

Each item is handcrafted by Hayley, in every sense of the word. The process includes sourcing natural materials, working the clay, wheel throwing or hand-building the domestic ware, mixing and applying specialty glazes. Everything is made in our 100% solar powered studio.

Kami & Kindred is not just another designer brand, but an ethical, slow-fashion company, proud to be part of a global movement towards self-love and empowerment.