The Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing Herbs

By Holly Farrell, Kew Botanic Gardens

The Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing Herbs

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Art of Science to Grow Your Own Herbs. 

An exquisite mix of practical and giftable gardening reference for beginners and enthusiasts who want to grow herbs beautifully.

The herbs in this book provide flavours and scents unlike any other: culinary herbs are a living trove of fresh flavours for any cook, with an almost alchemical power to transform the simplest dish. Herbs can be used as seeds, flowers, or leaves; cooked and eaten themselves or used to infuse a dish or drink. They are popping up in artisan gin, ice cubes and cocktail syrups; in foraged dishes and kitchen gardens of the best restaurants as chefs realise that often the only way to capture that elusive flavour is to have home-grown, freshly harvested herbs on their doorstep. With this book these intense flavours can now be a reality for gardeners and food enthusiasts with any size of garden, from an acre to a window box.