Raw Honey
Raw Honey
Raw Honey

Hinterland Honey Byron Bay

Raw Honey

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Hinterland Raw honey is gathered from Ironbark and Red Gum flowers. This blend creates a harmonious and smooth flavour that is sure to please the most discerning palette. Each jar of raw honey is gently extracted from the beehive, gravity settled, and poured straight into the bottle.

This honey, over time, also depending on the weather may candy which means that the honey will crystalize. This is absolutely fine and is a very normal process because we do not overheat our honey, hence the name ‘raw’.

Sourced and harvest from the abundant lands of the Northern Rivers & coastal regions of Byron Bay. 

Please note that this honey is also raw. Heating this honey would destroy the
antibacterial properties so we don’t suggest cooking with it unless it is for raw
foods. This honey is also light sensitive; this is why we have our manuka honey
in a food-grade amber PET jar.