Squiggle Mug
Squiggle Mug


Squiggle Mug

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Handmade on the Gold Coast Queensland by Mudhavi. 

A wheel thrown mug out of dark stoneware clay. Squiggle lines show the raw clay underneath the soft satin earthy white glaze. 

Listing is for 1 cup.

Food safe:
Hand wash.  You can occasionally dish wash them if you want.  But I recommend handwashing. 

Photos are only a representation of the piece. Firing results can sometimes surprise us with a slight variation of a shade of color or texture and even size due to shrinkage with each batch. The slight imperfections and variations of one piece from another give hand-crafted works the intrinsic uniqueness that makes them all the more lovable.

Approximately - 9cm high x 9cm wide