Peony Candle
Peony Candle

Of The Earth

Peony Candle

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This 'Of The Earth' candle elevates any space with its sculpted form and unique Sheer Gardenia scent. 

Moulded from clay and hand poured with sustainable soy wax, these artworks are just as much a piece of decor as a light source.  A design that will stand the test of time whilst creating custom vibes in any room. 

Handmade with love in Lennox Head, NSW. 

Measurements: 9cm x 8 cm x 1.5cm (H,W,D)
Weight: 175 grams 
Scent: Sheer Gardenia
Made from 100% sustainable soy wax, cotton wick and natural dye.

Always having a love affair with clay, I wanted to bring it into my life again after many years. And so my hand-sculpted candles were born. I carve the designs out of beautiful red clay, pour a silicone mould of the design and mix custom colours. I finally pour each candle in my little kitchen near the ocean with my windows open and almost certainly listening to Fleetwood Mac.
- Alena