My Happy Book

By Joanne Zammit

My Happy Book

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Do you need a WHY? YES! Of course you do! And so does every kid. My Happy Book aims to help every child nurture their social and emotional well-being and ignite their entrepreneurial mind, develop their strengths to increase self-esteem and reduce anxiety. It is packed with activities and strategies for you and your child to do and self-reflect on.

My Happy Book aims to help every child nurture their social and emotional wellbeing and ignite their entrepreneurial mind. I believe that every child can change the future of our planet and make a real impact on this world. Can you imagine how amazing our future could be if principles of self-care, gratitude, kindness, finding your purpose, body love, and caring for the greater environment were taught from the age of 3? The book was created for children and early-to-mid teens (3-15 years). Parent directed from ages 3-8 and self directed 8 and up. It is packed with activities and templates for you and your child to fill out and self-reflect on who they really are.

As this is no ordinary book, you’ll find quotes, handwritten letters, and templates to help you think about the principles and put them into action in your life in a way that makes sense to YOU. This book has five parts and will take you on a journey of self-discovery, teach you how to appreciate your surroundings, learn from hardships, focus on the positive, and find activities to help you jump right into your passion project. There are shout pages for you to show gratitude for your family and friends, love that surrounds for your family and friends to fill out about you, a vision board, a guided passion project, consequences, boundaries, fear ladder and so much more. You can use your happy book however you feel it works best for you. You can draw, doodle, paste pictures, colour whatever!

This is your book and it is all about you. Keep it close to you, schedule time to work on it, and remember to go back and read it to see how far you’ve come and remember all of the wonderful things about you.