Jewellery Dish
Jewellery Dish

Daisy Cooper Ceramics

Jewellery Dish

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Ceramic Dish

Pinched for a ball of clay, each dish is then hand formed to create a one-off piece that is functional and beautiful.

Perfect for Jewellery, Spices, Salts, Oils, Incense, and anything else you can think of..

1 - Autumn Leaves
2 - Landscape
3 - White

Approximate measurements: 10cm x 2cm
- Glazed High fire Ceramic Dish
- Food Safe / Dishwasher Safe / Microwave Safe

Hand thrown ceramics are not perfect. They reflect how they were created and bear the marks of their maker. Slight differences in size, colour and shape are to be expected which is why handmade is so beautiful and unique.