Honey, Coconut and Mandarin Body Scrub
Honey, Coconut and Mandarin Body Scrub

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Honey, Coconut and Mandarin Body Scrub

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This body scrub with coconut and mandarin nourishes protects, and leaves skin feeling smooth and revived after just one use. Jelly Bush Honey will cleanse, restore and refresh. Coconut oil moisturizes and softens skin, while fragrant mandarin cleans away built-up oils.

Leaves your skin cleansed, smoothed, and softened.

Ingredients in mandarin body scrub:

Cane sugar, Panela, Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Sugar, Jelly Bush Honey. Apricot Oil, Aloe vera, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Fruit oil, Vitamin E, Squalene, Jojoba Butter, Rose Hip Oil, Evening Primrose Oil.

A note on Jelly Bush Honey:

Jelly Bush Honey contains remarkable anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and healing qualities. All of which are superb for your skin, helping to cleanse, protect, and nourish. The use of Jelly Bush Honey has evolved from an alternative therapy to being scientifically proven to provide benefits to the body, inside and out.

At Apiary Made we believe in the power of bees. The wonderful, endless possibilities of the beehive enchants and inspires us everyday. We also believe deeply in humans. We create by the motto that humans deserve and desire healthy products that will help us and our planet thrive. Thirdly, we believe in great companies, ones that want to create healthy, sustainable products, and also make change while they do it.