Coastal Mugs
Coastal Mugs

Christina Kosinski

Coastal Mugs

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Handmade speckled stoneware mug in various pastel colours. 

Available in three colours.
Apricot: peachy orange (some also feature mint tones)

Mint: pale green/blue with rose quartz and lilac tones
Wisteria: lilac + rose quartz tones

Microwave/dishwasher/food safe. 

Hand thrown ceramics are not perfect. They reflect how they were created and bear the marks of their maker. Slight differences in size, colour, and shape are to be expected which is why handmade is so beautiful and unique. 

Christina is a Potter, Artist and Textile Designer. 
I love using oceanic landscapes to inform my colors and textures in my clay-work. 
My work is inspired by my fascination with color, pattern and design; and love and concern for our precious environment. - Christina