Blue Mug

Elizabeth Bell Ceramics

Blue Mug

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Perfect for a morning cup of tea or coffee, this mug is fired to stoneware temperatures and is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Hand thrown ceramics are not perfect. They reflect how they were created and bear the marks of their maker. Slight differences in size, colour, and shape are to be expected which is why handmade is so beautiful and unique. 

Elizabeth Bell is a ceramic artist and pottery teacher from Melbourne, (Australia). She first took to the wheel in 2015, under the tutelage of Dr Darren McGinn at Studio Made. Since then Elizabeth has completed workshops in Kyoto (Japan), Jaipur (India) and Cappadocia (Turkey), as well as an internship at Illyria Pottery in Oxford (UK). For the past two years she has been based in London, teaching introductory pottery classes in the studio of Jo Davies Ceramics.

Elizabeth specialises in wheel-thrown stoneware, producing functional items with both purpose and individuality. She describes her technique as a product of global influences, and draws inspiration from patterns, colours and textures found in the natural world.