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Hey Bestie! 

"Bestie - A friend who is forever by your side, my girl gang and biggest supporter, number one fan, funster, understanding, forgiving, buddy, soul sister, favourite person in the history of forever."


- Self Care Ritual Soak. By Cleanse & Co - A rose quartz Himalayan salt bath soak for the ultimate bath relaxation. Enjoy mind, body and soul benefits.

- Daily Mantras to Ignite Your Purpose. A book filled with artfully presented quotes which can be used as meditations, as musings, or as your daily dose of inspiration; one for each day of the year. 

- Bestie Candle. By The Commonfolk Collective in Mali scent -  Blends coconut and lime sublime, take me for cocktails on the beach, with a summer breeze and palm trees.

- Butter Caramel Pecan with Cinnamon. Golden, gooey butterscotch caramel at its highest frequency – chewy, smooth, lightly sweetened and encased in a rich Peruvian cacao shell. 

- Pearl Silk Eye Mask. Our luxuriously soft and smooth silk eye mask is an essential to getting the best nights sleep.

All of our Gift Boxes are packaged perfecting in our eco-friendly and sustainable custom box and will include our tissue paper, sticker and handwritten card. 

All of our Gift Boxes are ready to ship to their home, or yours.