We want to always be open & honest when it comes to running a sustainable & eco friendly business. We aren’t perfect but we’re trying to do better every day. 
Here's a few of the key things we are doing so far;
  • Stocking products within our collection that are tran-seasonal, that will last the test of time so they can be passed down or passed on.
  • All boxes are printed using recyclable materials thanks to 'Inke'.
  • Our tissue paper is biodegradable & soy based ink thanks to 'Noissue'.  
  • Thanks to 'Moo' all our business cards & thank you cards are printed using recycled eco paper & printed using vegetable based inks. 
  • All of our shipping bags & labels are compostable thanks to 'thebetterpackagingco'. 
  • We support brands that use minimal to no plastic wrapping or containers.
  • Any materials that are plastic have been up cycled & can be recycled. 
  • We will always choose the carbon offset charge for all shipping. 
  • We won't be packing our gift boxes in additional cardboard boxes - we want you to reuse the box your products come in whether it's a gift for someone or for yourself. 
We can always do better. 
If you have any query or suggestions,
please get in touch!