MAMA (50ml)
MAMA (50ml)
MAMA (50ml)

Auric Alchemy

MAMA (50ml)

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Created to bring calm, grounding, and balance to all the mamas. 

Rose Geranium - Known for its calming, grounding and floral scent. this oil is beautiful for connecting with the feminine nurturing energy.

Bergamot - Citrus tones will leave you feeling uplifted, clear and balanced.

Frankincense - The perfect oil for grounding, as well as easing stress and tension

Clear Quartz - This crystal is known for bringing clear thinking, balancing emotions and your space.

Simply spray 2-3 times around a room or onto linen for a beautiful nightly ritual.

Originally a product designed to make you smell amazing without all the nasties, it soon grew into being more about self care and ritual. Every night I would mist my pillows with ‘Dream’ spray through months of insomnia, and every morning 'Clarity' would awaken me with a burst of uplifting citrus, a welcome relief from my fatigue.

We are constantly growing as more of us realise the real benefits of of slowing down, self care and being surrounded by the beautiful and healing Auric Alchemy experience.

- Madeline x